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Kinesiology tape benefits

5/14/2018 8:41 AM
Kinesiology tape benefits

Chances are that if you’ve watched a sporting event recently, you have noticed tape on some of the athletes.

Sometimes the tape is on the shoulder sticking out from under a jersey, sometimes it’s around a knee.

It's an adhesive elastic tape commonly referred to as kinesiology tape, as the brand is one of the most popular on the market. 

Unlike traditional athletic tape, this tape is not meant to provide bracing and support.  The tape works by doing two things:

  • First the elastic pull gives the athlete feedback on the amount of pull or strain on a certain muscle or joint. This allows the athlete to keep their joint out of stressful positions.
  • The second is that it provides some compression/lift to help circulation of the area.

So does it work?  

Current research states that this taping helps with short-term pain relief and swelling relief. 

So it can be very beneficial to help the runner that is working through some minor aches and pain as they continue training.

However, the adhesive tape should not be relied upon to “fix the problem” long-term. 

In order to heal the injury comes from biomechanical correction of any problems with the athlete’s sports movement; whether it be running form, throwing mechanics, etc. 

Then, correcting any deficits in strength ratios and/or muscle imbalances of flexibility.

The tape may also be used in conjunction with Physical Therapy etc. to decrease pain while exercising.

Please contact our expert Physical Therapists to see if taping would benefit you.