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Madonna Proactive

Group Fitness

With over 100 land, water, cycling, and mind body group exercise classes offered each week, you’re sure to find a class to encourage you, motivate you and create the change you wish to see. Our classes range from gentle stretching to hard-hitting interval training and everything in between.

Group fitness is a terrific way to stay engaged in your fitness routine and a way to try something completely new. Class offerings change frequently to adapt to our member needs, so if you don't see something you'd like to try, feel free to leave a suggestion with our front desk staff. 

At ProActive, you can experience a wide-range of class opportunities.  With over 100 classes a week, our classes are smaller, increasing individualized instruction and feelings of community, belonging and success.

Our certified and experienced instructors are skilled at adapting classes to various fitness levels or crafting accommodations to help individualize the class for different abilities or injuries. 

All classes have a different feel and our instructors will motivate you along your fitness journey.  You are not just exercising. You are training with family and friends. 

While class levels indicate a level of challenge, instructors are skilled at modifying and adjusting the level to encourage and motivate all who are in the room – regardless of location: indoor pool, outdoor pool, aqua track, studio 1, studio 2, studio 3, meditation room, gym or labyrinth!

Beginner: Low impact, low to middle elevation of heart rate, and/or strengthening by utilizing body weight or light free weights

Intermediate: Low impact, mid-level cardiovascular elevation of heart rate and/or mid-level usage of strength equipment

Advanced: Mid to high impact level plus longer duration and higher cardio intensity; mid-range to heavier weight equipment may be used

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Our classes are non-judgmental and welcoming for all.  Still have questions? Send your email to