Guest Pass Waiver Form

Rules for Use: Guests are subject to all policies and procedures of Madonna ProActive. Guests who violate any ProActive policy or are deemed by ProActive to be acting in any manner that is unacceptable will be required to leave immediately, without refund of any part of the guest fee paid upon entrance. Members bringing guests who damage or remove ProActive property will be liable for all such damage or removal, whether intentional or not. Guest fees cover one (1) visit only, unless otherwise noted. Guests must show proper identification upon entry. ProActive reserves the right to refuse admission to any guest for any reason. By checking below I agree to comply with the above provisions and the following waiver of liability.

Waiver of Liability: I understand the use of exercise equipment and facilities of Madonna ProActive may subject me to certain physical and medical risks that I agree to assume. I declare myself physically sound and suffering no physical impairment, condition or illness which would prevent my participation in an exercise program at ProActive. I further understand ProActive assumes no responsibility for my personal safety and I hereby release ProActive, it officers, directors, agents and employees from any and all liability which may arise directly or indirectly from any damage to me or my property as a result of my participation in exercise and/or use of the facilities at ProActive.