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Health and Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is an evidence-based, positive psychology, approach to improving health, wellness and well-being. Individualized coaching practices are centered on interactions amongst genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that influence the whole you. Become engaged and energized as you find new successes.

Health and Wellness Coaching with a certified Health and Wellness Coach will help you thrive.

Why work with a Certified Wellness Coach?

Working with a certified coach will guide your desire to create positive behavior change towards reaching your health goals. Coaches are active listeners, focused on YOU, and assist in achieving your goals: step-by-step. Find -

  • Accountability: Access resources to help you achieve your goals
  • Building: Break away from bad habits and barriers to build and create sustainable change
  • Clarity: Clearly commit to a better, stronger, more empowered you

A certified health and wellness coach collaborates with you to clearly define your goals, develop new habits and grow in confidence. Redefine you.

What will I get from wellness coaching?

Renewed strength for life.

You can take control of your life. YOU CAN THRIVE!

Our wellness coaches value the time spent with members, especially as they are seeking to make lifestyle and health changes. All sessions are scheduled for 45-minutes, which allows time to get to know you, to focus on your needs and goals, to share resources and to create an action plan that will guide future steps towards improving health.

*Introductory Packages: These sessions are a great way to learn more about how health and wellness coaching can impact your overall health. 3-sessions for $99 members/$129 nonmembers

*Wellness Check-in: These sessions are designed for those who just need to check-in periodically *Regular Wellness: These sessions are perfect for those looking for additional support, accountability and check-in. They are scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly.

*Service Combinations: When investing in total lifestyle change and behavior modification, it is valuable to combine wellness coaching with nutrition coaching. In addition to check-in opportunities, we offer regular weekly and bi-weekly appointment options.

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